How should I prepare for my in-home massage?

All you need is a comfortable open space, approximately 5’x8’ with an outlet available. This space can be indoors or outside.

What will the therapist bring?

Your therapist will bring the massage table, linens (if you prefer to use your own sheets and towel/blanket, please have ready 2 twin size flat sheets, one bath towel or blanket and one pillowcase), massage cream/oil, and music.

can I play my own music?

Absolutely! Your therapist will have a bluetooth speaker and music available, but you are free to use your own.

how should i dress?

Comfortably and so you can change easily. For the massage, undress to your comfort level. If you prefer to leave on any undergarments, your therapist will try to avoid getting cream/oil on your clothing. Please remove jewelry, especially necklaces, for your massage.

where will i change?

You can change right where the massage table is set up. Your therapist will excuse herself to wash her hands while you disrobe and get under the sheet and blanket. She will then ask if you’re ready for her to re-enter the space.

how long will the therapist be at my house?

Expect your entire session to last 20-30 minuets longer than your massage time. As long as the space is prepared prior to the therapist’s arrival, set up should only take 10 mins. If more than one massage is scheduled, plan for 10 minutes in-between clients to change the linens. Break down should take 10 mins. Please understand that your therapist has other clients, must account for traffic delays, and can not spend extra time at your house for extended consultations. You may email or call to further discuss your treatment plan if time does not permit during your scheduled massage time.

what if i have to cancel my massage?

There is no cancellation fee or penalty, but please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your massage. Text 561-406-8387. PLEASE reschedule your massage if you are not feeling well, and your therapist will do the same. Let’s all stay healthy!

is it okay if other people are home during my massage?

Sure! As long as they understand that you are unavailable to them during the massage time. This is your home. Distractions or interruptions may happen, please do the best you can to minimize them.

how & when do I pay?

Cash or electronic payments are best! Cash app, Apple Pay, Venmo, Square are options. Payment can be made in advance (when purchasing packages) or at the time of service.